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Are Mornings A Little Crazy?

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Are mornings in your house a little crazy with trying to get the kids ready, you ready……….and oh yes, feeding and walking the dog?  If so, try these suggestions to help relieve some of the “morning crazy” and get everyone, including the family dog, off to a good start:

  • Get the dog’s food ready the night before.  Be sure to cover it, and refrigerate if your dog’s food is perishable
  • Stuff toys with treats or fill and freeze the night before
  • Have all walking accessories like leash, pick up bag and flashlight by the door for the morning walk
  • Rotate dog toys the night before.  Your dog can get tired of the same old toys all the time, rotating them from time to time helps relieve toy boredom
  • Keep a pitcher of filtered water in the refrigerator to make filling the dog’s dish quick and easy
  • Train your dog to do morning chores like wake up the kids

Mornings may still be hectic, but these tips will help make things run a little smoother.

Some material for this post from Dog Fancy, May 2011


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