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And the Oscar goes to…

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Jessie, award-winning dog:  After watching the celebrated Oscars last night, I was amazed at all of the lovely gowns the starlets wore.  It made me stop and think about my wardrobe.  I mean, seriously, if I were ever in a position to attend such a prestigious and glamorous event, what would I wear?  Is it even appropriate for a dog to wear clothing?  If so, what type of clothing should a dog wear?

Typically, owners dress their dogs for warmth and comfort.  Some dogs like the attention.  Others cannot stand the feeling of the clothing.  Still others simply tolerate it in humble submission to their humans.

If you do decide to dress your dog in clothing, never do so forcefully.  You could scare the Louis Vuitton right out of your pet!  Allow the dog to sniff the clothing and become used to it before actually dressing him in it.  Once he is styling, be sure to give lots of praise and encouragement.  Hey!  Take a few photos and submit them to the press.  Make sure the clothes fit properly.   If they are too big, they could become caught on something or the dog could get tangled up in them.  On the flip side, clothes that are too small could be restrictive and cause injury.  Worse, yet, that muffin top may show and that could be embarrassing!  Always think in terms of style AND comfort!

Some folks might argue that dressing a dog is inhumane.  Others think it is perfectly acceptable.  In short, it all depends on the dog.  If he or she seems to enjoy it, I say, go for it!  I am sure the dog from the hit movie “Marley and Me” has plenty of stylish duds!

Well, I need to go shopping now.  Do they sell clothing at flea markets?  Or, should a dog REALLY even think about going to a “flea” market?  That could be dangerous!  I don’t need fleas!

If your dog enjoys wearing stylish outfits, then he or she is experiencing the true joy of living.  For all of your pet sitting needs in the greater Kansas City area, be sure to contact the experts at Joy of Living Pet Sitting Services.  Those folks always dress well!

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