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Allergies Got Your Dog Down?

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It looks like Spring has finally sprung, which means more time outside, but also means allergy season is fast approaching.  Do you have a dog that suffers with allergies?  If so, here are some tips from the April issue of Whole Dog Journal that will lessen the impact nasty allergies can have on your pet:

  • Dry pet bedding in the dryer rather than letting it air dry outside
  • Rinse off your dog’s paws as soon as he comes in from outside
  • Keep your dog off the lawn 1-2 hours after mowing or when the yard is wet
  • Avoid letting your dog go outside during peak allergen times of day, typically dawn and dusk
  • Bathe your dog frequently using hypoallergenic shampoo and cool water rinsing
  • Use a dehumidifier to help control mold and mites


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