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Age is but a number! Great Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog!

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Jessie, the mature and level-headed pet in the family: November is the month to consider adopting a senior dog!  Sure, I know..when you think about adopting a dog, your thoughts probably turn towards those cute little puppies.   Those are great!  I am all for them!  However, there are great rewards and benefits that come with adopting an older pet, too!  Here are just a few:

  • Senior dogs LOVE to sleep.  While they do enjoy a fun, daily walk, they usually spend most of their days napping.  Go ahead!  Join your pet!  You know you could use a mid-day snooze, and why not cuddle up next to your new, furry friend?
  • When you rescue an older dog, be prepared to be on the receiving end of tons of love and affection, as those senior dogs have plenty of it to give away!
  • By this stage in life, that good-looking senior dog has learned many life lessons.  He is probably not going to pee on your carpet or chew on your new pair of shoes.
  • Yes..old dogs CAN learn new tricks, and they do make great therapy dogs! (I bet you could even train them to control any annoying cats you have lying around, like Bo, for instance!)
  • Senior dogs are excellent companions for folks of all ages…and are a great fit for senior citizens, too!  Studies have shown that older people who have pets are happier, healthier, and tend to live longer.
  • Sadly, the older dogs are the first to be killed in area shelters.  Why not save a life and make a new best friend by rescuing a lovable senior dog?  He will thank you for the rest of his life!  You will be his hero!

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