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Addison’s Disease in Dogs-Part 4 of 4

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In this series we’ve covered several aspect of Addison’s disease in dogs.  Today we wrap with costs involved in treatment and the quality of life your dog may have after beginning treatment for Addison’s.

Many pet owners join online forums to discuss treatment options with others dealing with Addison’s and their pet.  These forums give owners the chance to discuss concerns with others, and often get tips on cost saving measures for Addison’s treatments.

Cost saving measures may include options such as switching from injections to compounded medication.  Another option is to consider giving shots at home rather than taking your dog to the vet.

A diagnosis of Addison’s disease isn’t necessarily doomsday for your dog.  Stress can aggravate symptoms of the disease, so it’s important to minimize the amount of stress for your dog as much as possible.  If your dog was very active prior to the disease, he/she can still participate in the same activities, but may require a nap and a temporary increase in prednisone until the stress of the activity passes.

Vaccinations and heart worm prevention meds can also cause an Addison’s dog stress, so consult your veterinarian to determine whether your dog should have them.

Regular monitoring of your Addison’s dog is very important to keep symptoms in check, and to ensure the medication levels are correct.  With the right care, your Addison’s dog can live an active, fulfilling life.

If you’re looking for online forums dedicated to Addison’s in dogs, check out,, or

Source:  Whole Dog Journal, October 2011


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