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A Green Bean Diet for Dogs?

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Bolt ,the Yorkie-Poo guest columnist: Okay.  Here I am again.  You’ve read my posts recently, and I should probably tender authority back to Jessie, but she is still upset over the passing of our beloved Bo.  I want to give her time.

small dog on scaleSince we have been focusing on weight management in pets this month, I wanted to confess something to all of you.  I went to the veterinarian’s office yesterday for my routine physical.  It seems he believes I like my groceries a bit too much and has ordered me to lose a pound or two.  I do try to get out at least five days a week to go for a power walk, but I also enjoy a steady appetite.  Whatever the bigger dog in my household eats, so will I.

As such, the vet has instructed my humans (Who, by the way, are incredibly guilty in this regard.  They love to feed me treats and table scraps!) to put me on the green bean diet.  Essentially, my humans are replacing 10% of my normal dog food with the same amount of green beans.  Over the course of a few days, it will be a 50-50 balance until I reach my goal weight.  From there, they can taper off the green beans and resume my regular diet of dog food – within moderation, of course!  The beans are quite tasty, too!  Supposedly, they fill me up with fewer calories. I really don’t mind.  Of course, I keep telling these people that if they would only shave my fur down a bit, I would instantly look lighter.  Plus, my fur is black….and isn’t black a slimming color anyway?

Well, the green beans are calling me!  Time to get down to business!


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