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A “Biggest Loser” Plan for Dogs?

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Allison Sweeney, host of  TV’s “The Biggest Loser” program is taking on the issue of obesity in pets.  With an estimated 35 million dogs in the US classified as obese, the problem has become as serious as it is for humans.

Sweeney decided to address pet obesity when her vet told her her dog needed to lose weight.

She stated that one of the main reasons she believes the problem has become so widespread is the number of pet owners that feed their pets leftovers.  The calories and nutrients pets need are very different from humans. Feeding them human food often gives a pet many more calories than they need.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition states that five extra pounds on a medium-sized dog is equivalent to 20 pounds on an average size woman.  Two extra pounds on a small breed is equivalent to 60 pounds.

Portion control and exercise can help pets lose weight.  In an effort to help pet owners with portion control, Hill’s recently release a Weight Loss System with prepackaged meal and treat portions for dogs.

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