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7 Signs Your Cat is Bored

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If cats don’t have enough to keep them busy, boredom will set in, often with less than fun results. He are some signs your cat is bored:

1. Weight gain
2. Change in activity level
3. Destructive behavior
4. Over grooming
5. Lack of grooming
6. Change in sleeping habits
7. Changes in interaction with family

To help remedy boredom, spend more time in play sessions with your cat if possible. Another possible solution is introducing puzzle toys to stimulate your cat’s sense of curiosity.

Adding a companion cat may also help relieve boredom if you’re away from home frequently. if you do decide to add another cat to the family, be sure to introduce them to existing pets properly to prevent behavior issues among the family pets.

Source: “Starting from Scratch” by Pam Johnson-Bennett


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