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Daily Water Requirements of Dogs

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Jessie, the well-hydrated dog:  Hey!  It’s hot out there…at least where I live!  Nothing disturbs me more at this time of year than an empy water dish.  I need a steady supply of this liquid to keep me hydrated, refreshed, and cooled down.  If you see your dog sluggishly moving along, tongue hanging down to the ground, and panting heavily,  belly up to the kitchen sink and fill his water bowl immediately! Unlike his food bowl, that water bowl must be constantly filled during the dog days of summer.

According to the web site, the average daily water needs for a dog weighing 20 pounds or less is roughly 12 ounces. If your dog weighs in at over 20 pounds, he will probably require between three and eight cups of fresh water daily. Simply speaking, just keep a bowl of water at the ready for your dog. He’s probably hotter than you are. After all, I don’t see YOU walking around wearing a fur coat all day when it’s 90 degrees outside!


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