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10 Tips to Keep the Peace in a Multi-Cat Household

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Congratulations, you’ve added another cat to your household! ¬†Having multiple felines can be fun but it also has its challenges. ¬†Following are ten tips to maintain order and keep all the feline residents purring:

  1. If you have one cat currently and are now adding another, choosing a new cat of the opposite sex can reduce fighting among them.
  2. If your current cat is older, rather than adopting one kitten, consider adopting two so they can keep each other occupied.
  3. Never leave a new cat alone with the resident cat(s) until you are certain they won’t fight.
  4. Never give treats to one cat and not another.
  5. Window perches create space and allow your cats to sun themselves.
  6. Grooming your cats regularly can help reduce their stress.
  7. Do not allow play between cats to become aggressive.
  8. If fighting occurs between cats, do not attempt to separate them by hand.  Distract them by making a loud noise and put them in separate locations.
  9. Learn to understand feline body language.
  10. Make sure each cat’s needs are met and that each cat is treated as an individual member of the family.

Enjoy your feline family members and have a purr-fect day!

Information from Cat Fancy Magazine, August 2010 used in this post


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