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10 Great Things About Cats

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We’ve been giving the canines of the world quite a bit of coverage, so I thought I’d give props to the feline community.  I happened upon this the other day on  Enjoy!

10 Great Things About Cats

1.  They show us where we keep the cat food every day;

2.  They let us know when it’s time to feed them, whether it is or not;

3.  If we want to sit down, they invariably choose that spot before we get there;

4.  They make us feel useful by using us as furniture;

5.  They only chew on plants and subsequently vomit occasionally;

6.  They only break things like vases or steal small objects once in a while;

7.  They wake us gently by shoving their hairy faces in ours or by pouncing on us;

8.  They store their toys, especially balls, conveniently towards the top of the stairs and other high-traffic areas or in our shoes;

9.  They open the linen closet and sliding closet doors, simply because they can;

10. They are adorable and offer us their unconditional love.


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